WorkTexas Training Center is a Houston-based non profit that provides a public vocational high school as well as adult trade school. In addition to teaching, we partner directly with industry employers to align what and how we train our students to meet those industry partner needs. We also partner with social service providers to support our students for success both during training and upon entering the workforce.

Workforce ready = workplace advantage

WorkTexas’ mission is to prepare high school students and adults with the skills and virtues they need to enter the workforce ready to contribute immediately to employers’ businesses, as well as advance in that field or another field of their choice.

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WorkTexas helps students and adults find a trade and training to become employable

High School Students

Are you workforce ready? Get training that can help you gain a competitive advantage to be hired for a skilled job and advance in the career of your choice.


Do you need new skills — or more skills? Gain a competitive advantage with trade skills, and get hired for a skilled job so you can advance in the industry of your choice.

Partner With Us

Does your business need skilled, workforce ready employees? WorkTexas focuses on training and teaching that is aligned with the skills needed by its industry partners.

Donate or Volunteer

WorkTexas is looking for volunteers to teach trade classes, and to provide class equipment and supplies. Your donation of supplies or funds helps us help more people!

What’s the problem?

The job skills gap is not only hindering individuals from advancing in a career, but it has negative economic impacts on local communities and even our national GDP. The push toward “college for all” has been a noble effort, but we believe career tech/mid-skills have been neglected, resulting in a gap between the skills graduates obtain and the skills employers need.

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Education and Skills Gap

high school (H.S.) graduates
% H.S. grads w/ college diploma within 6 yrs
% college grads from low-income families